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Update List. Empty Update List.

Post by Kaisuke (MitC) on Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:05 am

Update list.

Added Zomari Ressurecion [100%]
Added Kendo for Zaraki Zanpakuto [100%]
Added Cascada for Harribel Ressurecion [100%]
Added Lanza Del Relampago for Ulquiorra Ressurecion [100%]
Added transform icon states to Arrancar masks [100%]
New icon for Nnoitra Ressurecion [100%]
New icon for Grimmjow Ressurecion [100%]
New icon for Ulquiorra Ressurecion [100%]
Redo boosts for Shikai, Bankai and Ressurecions [100%]
Added Kido Mastery system [100%]
Remap the whole game [100%]
Balance stats and levels [100%]
Removed boosts for hollow transformations [100%]
Removed boost for becoming a certain race [100%]
Update level requirements for races [100%]
Add health, reiatsu and experience huds [100%]
Add screen size verb [100%]
Add party system [100%]
Add bug report and bug view verbs [100%]
Redo the Espada numbers [100%]
Add Kido Corps squad [100%]
Added Theme sound [100%]
Added HUB and Forum buttons to interface [100%]
Added second zanpakuto for both Ukitake and Kyouraku [100%]
Added race war system [100%]
Added Segunda Etapa [100%]
Added teleport out of arena verb [100%]
Added NPC Adjucha [100%]
Added NPC Vasto Lorde [100%]
Added Fullscreen and windowed option [100%]
Added statpoints system [100%]
Added statcaps for strength, reiryoku and defence (40k) [100%]
Added Bleach theme sounds to login. [100%]
Added character preview customization [100%]
Added random login screens [100%]
Added world map [100%]
Fixed shikai/bankai mastery bugs [100%]
Humans that are below level 100 cannot be killed [100%]
Redo game interface [100%]
Added combat output to Interface. [100%]
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