Official Rules for Bleach Ketzuken

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Official Rules for Bleach Ketzuken

Post by Takashi on Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:50 am

General Knowledge & Player Rules -

1. No racism.
2. No impersonating staff.
3. No SZ attacking or killing even if you are attacked or killed first, report this to a GM.
4. Do not disrespect staff members, treat others how you wish to be treated.
5. Do not abuse bug's or glitches you find in the game, report them to a staff member immediately.
6. Follow All the rule's your supposed to.
7. Keep flame baiting and argument's to a minimum.
8. Do not kill or attack within urahara's fence zone or infront of hospital(Above street inside red crosses), SZ Zone.
10. Don't slander people's name's by talking shit about them behind their back.
11. Respect figure's and rank's(Only applies to the race that holds the rank).
12. Do not abuse spamming a skill I.E gran rey cero.
13. Don't beg for staff or free stuff from the staff.
14. Do not spam kill other players.
15. Throw apple's at Black Licorice.

Player Punishment System: Warn , Warn Boot, Warn Boot #2, Ban Key 1 hour, Week Ban, Permanent Ban.

GM & Staff Rules -
1. Respect higher level Staff, They are higher level staff for a reason.
2. Do your job and don't be lazy.
3. Respect everyone and follow the player rule's, you are only a player with special verbs to maintain the game's stability.
4. Do not skip step's in the player punishment system, may result in a removal of GM.
5. Do not down talk player's their your friends and it's your job to help them.
6. Do not abuse the power's that are given to you as a GM.
7. Be courteous and professional when handling a problem or helping a player.
8. Refrain from using your power's unless you have to.

GM Punishment System - Warning, Probation Period, Downgrade(If you violate on probation period this happens to), Complete Removal.



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Re: Official Rules for Bleach Ketzuken

Post by Black Licorice on Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:08 am

Mmkay, Language is out as a rule.
Nice set up, I like it.
Black Licorice
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