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Post by Alastor_Nazura on Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:46 pm

Name: Nazura, Alastor

Key: Alastor_Nazura

Number of Days Played: 6 Days =/= Each Weekend(And When I come On during The Week)

Reason for Applying: I honestly just want to help people. I believe that this game Will be the best, So I wanna do everything I can to help it. I like the Community very much, but there are some people who cant control themselves and break the rules...I just wanna help.

Why You're Suited for the Position: Well....I cant say that I am...But I will Say that I will do everything in MY power to help at all times. I rarely be Afk, so I can help whenever people needs it. When I am Deticated to a Game I will be on it Constantly and I can Honestly Say that I will be on this alot. Even if Im not picked, I'll just try again in the future.



Game(s) GMed Before: -None- I have been on Byond for 5 years now...and have been asked to Gm games...but I never accepted, this is the Game that makes me Reach out for what I want.

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