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Zanpaktou guide. Empty Zanpaktou guide.

Post by Ieuanm on Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:30 am

Currently in making, still need several more Shikai/Bankai information.

This will include Arrancar Ressurectión and Shinigami Zanpaktou.

To find the name of the Zan user quickly, use Ctrl and F.


Shinigami Zanpaktou

Aizen:Aizen's Wiki Page

Shikai : x2 Str, gain invisiblity.
Bankai :x2.5 Str, x 2.5 Def, gain illusion.
How to master : Attack things.

Byakyua:]Byakuya's Wiki Page

Shikai : 1.8 x Str, allows you to control 7 petals.
Bankai : 3 x Str, , allows you to control 17 petals, gain the move Scene of Massacre.
How to master : Attack with petals.

Hinimori:Hinamori's Wiki Page

Shikai : 2x Str, gain Snap
Bankai : 1x Str, gain power burst.
How to master : Use power burst in Shikai, hit air in Bankai.

Hisagi:]Hisagi's Wiki Page

Shikai : .5 Str, gain Toss Chain
Bankai : x5 str, x3.5 def
How to master : Use Toss Chain


Shikai : 2x Str, gain control of a dragon, damages and freezes enemies it goes over.
Bankai : 3x Str, 2.5x Rei, gain Senne Hyorou and shoot dragon, when you use attack, a dragon shoots.
How to master : Hit people with dragon.


Shikai : 1.5x Str/Def - gain Getsuga Tenshou
Bankai : 4.5 x Str, 1.75 x Def - gain stronger Getsuga Tenshou + Flash step after image, also faster walking.
How to master : Shikai - Getsuga Tenshou, Bankai - Attack air.


Shikai : 2x Str - You extend your blade.
Bankai : 4x Str [?]
How to master : Hit air with shikai.


Shikai : 2x Str , gain Light Strike and Invisiblity.
Bankai : 3x Str, small def boost [maybe 1.5x], gain light drome and stronger Light Strike.
How to master : Use light strike.


Shikai : 1.6x Str (Not confirmed), shikai has a two tile range.
Bankai : 5x Str, gain Spin blade.
How to master : Hit air. Use Spin blade.


Shikai : 0.5 x Str/Def, slows oponent down when hit.
Bankai : 5 x Str, 0.5 x Def, possibly a faster slowing down.
How to master : Attack people/things.


Shikai : 2x Str, gain Wind Blade and Rei Blast.
Bankai : 5x Str, 2x Def.
How to master : Have to have Gm master it for you.


Shikai : 1.8 x Str/Def, random chance of performing a 1 tile attack.
Bankai : 5x str, 3x def, random chance of peforming a 3 tile attack.
How to master? : Attack air.


Shikai : 2x Str, 1.5x Def, gain wind blast (1 tile when gained, 3 tiles when mastered)
Bankai : 4 x Str/Def (may be wrong), keep wind blast (can be enhanced to 5 tiles when mastered)
How to master : Use Wind blast.


Shikai : 2x Str/Def , can paraly (not confirmed)
Bankai : No Boost, shoots a row of solid poison when you use attack verb.
How to master : Attack.


Shikai : 1.7xStr, several tiles range [3-4?]
Bankai : Controllable Skeleton snake( it ignored defense), gains Higa Zekkou (makes the snakes skin burns those on it.)
How to master : Attack people/npcs.


Shikai : 1.25xStr, Tsukishirou (used automatically when attacking)
Bankai : Not known yet.
How to master : Attack people with shikai,


Shikai : 1.5 x Str, gain Behenikikou.
Bankai : 3 x Str, gain Blind.
How to master : Use the techniques you get.


Shikai : 2x Str, gain Shield + Nake.
Bankai : 6.8 x Str, 4x Def, enhanced Nake.
How to master : Use the techniques you get.


Shikai : 1.7x Str/Def, water blast (starts as 1 tile, when mastered turns to 3), Electric Charge (A boost).
Bankai : 4x Str/Def.
How to master : Use Water Blast

Yamamto :

Shikai : .5 x Str/Def, gain Fire Flash and Fire Ball.
Bankai : 5x Str.
How to master : Use slash/ball.


Shikai : 1.5 x Str,
Bankai : 2.5 x Def, gain Cyclone Slash and Rei Vine
How to master : Attack for shikai, use Cyclone Slash for Bankai.

Zaraki :

Shikai : 2x Str/Def
Bankai : 5x Str/Def - also gain Kendo (reiryoku based 3 tile attack [?])
How to master : Kill, each kill = 5% mastery.


Arrancar Ressurectión

Barragan : 2x Str/Def
Gained moves : Respira

Cirricui : 2.5 x Str/Def Boost
Gained moves : Use yoyo/retract yoyo (control a yoyo, ignores defence)
Sword throw (a 1 tile atk, based on strength)

Edorad : 4 x Str, 2 x Def
Gained moves : Attack launches a cero

El Toro: 4.5 x Str/Def Boost

Harribel : 4.5 x Str, 0.5x Def
Gained moves : La Gota, Cascada.

Luppi : 3x Str, 2.5k def
Attack verb does 2 tile attack (infront of you).

Gintabine: 5x Str, 3x Def
Gained moves : Dragon Fist

Griimjow : 3.5x Str, 3x Def
Gained moves : Dark shot, Laceration, faster movement, faster attack and after image of Sonido.

Nel : 3x Str, 2.5x Def.
Gained moves: Ceros don't affect you, 360 attack, a move [name?]

Nnoitara : 3x Str, 2x Def, 360 attack.

Shawlong : 4x Str, 3x Def

Starkk: 3x Str/Def/Rei
Gained moves : Wolf Cero, cero massacre.


First Release : 2.5x Str, 2x Def, 1.5x Rei
Second Release : 5x Str, 4x Def, 3x Rei - gain Lanza Del Re Relampago, and Cero Oscuras.

Zomari : 2.5 x Str/Def/Rei
Gained move : Amor
url=]Byakuya's Wiki Page[/url]Hinamori's Wiki PageHisagi's Wiki Page

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Zanpaktou guide. Empty Re: Zanpaktou guide.

Post by Aceboy360 on Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:55 am

Soi-Fon isnt in the game right now, it is currently bugged.

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