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Post by Misaki on Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:15 pm

Table of Contents Exclamation
I. Introduction
II. Starting-off
V. Credits and Thanks

I. Introduction Exclamation

In this guide I will be showing you on how to start-off your character and some basics you should
know and learn while playing the game.

I made this guide to help new players having trouble when most helpful are offline or AFK
so they can easily learn and play on their own.

II. Starting-off Exclamation

In this section, it will show you where you first started and some places you might encounter
in the game. This can be useful to you when you need to go somewhere.

When your done customizing your character you will be starting in this place. Talk to all the helper
npcs and it tells you some useful guides so read well.
Walkthrough/FAQ BeginnerZone

After the helpers, time to be warped to Earth and here's the place.
Walkthrough/FAQ Spawn

And then as you walk further south.
Walkthrough/FAQ Startpoint2

While walking south from your starting point, you will encounter these places to the
left side is the barber shop and to the right is the Item shop.
Walkthrough/FAQ BarberItem

The Hospital, this is where you go when you use Teleport Out of Arena verb
Walkthrough/FAQ TheHospital

Well at this point you might be wandering where to train : hmmm: and here's the perfect place to
train, Urahara Shop.
Walkthrough/FAQ UraharaShop

Hueco Mundo, this is where lots of people train after training on logs.
Walkthrough/FAQ ToHM

Las Noches, best training place when you are sure you can handle Espada npcs.
Walkthrough/FAQ LasNoches

Oh and you might encounter this place when you die as a human, you become a soul.
Walkthrough/FAQ SoulPath

When you choose to go to Soul Society, find the center of the Rukongai then head north to
find Soul Society.
Walkthrough/FAQ PathtoSS

And lastly the Shinigami School for those who want full shinigami.
Walkthrough/FAQ ShiniSchool

III.Training/Leveling Exclamation

Well in this section I will explain how/where to train and get strong : tongue :

The first thing you do when you get on Earth is find the Urahara Shop and train on logs like shown
above(Refer to Section 2.) till level 200-250. When you get your Banka/Ressurecion you can handle weak hollows, strong hollows and hopefully Menos. Watch out for Ceros, it's really strong once it hits you but that's nothing compared to Espada Ceros so train hard. If you think your ready for Espada NPCs, give it a shot at Las Noches.

Here's a quick summary:

~Train on logs till 200-255
Walkthrough/FAQ InsideUraharaShop

~Train on hollows (Quickest Way to gain stats)
Walkthrough/FAQ Hollow

~Train inside Las Noches (Best Way to gain stats)
Walkthrough/FAQ Espadareleased

Espada NPC in released form
Walkthrough/FAQ Espada

IV. FAQs Exclamation

Frequently asked questions in the game

Q: How/Where do I train?
A: Train on logs at Urahara Shop or Kill Hollows.

Q: Are there any more training logs on the game besides in Uraharas?
A: Yes, there are some in Vai place, SS and HM.

Q: Where is Urahara Shop?
A: Top Left/North West of the map (Also refer to section I).

Q: I'm stuck, How do I get out?
A: PvP- Teleport out of arena.
Walkthrough/FAQ TeleoutofArena

Q: How do I turn Vaizard?
A: Find Shinji, it's hidden. **Req: Be Kidoules Shinigami and level 220.**

Q: How do I turn Arrancar?
A: Be Vasto Lorde then find Aizen in Las Noches.

Q: How do I get Espada/Captain?
A: Get the requirements and ask Kaisuke nicely.

Q: How do I become Bounto?
A: Find Rantao in SS **Req: Be Human lvl 100.**

Q: Are all Shikai and Ressurecion random?
A: Yes, it is random. All shikais are good and has a bankai and ressurecions likewise.

Q: I can't keep up with this guide, help please?
A: Ask other players nicely on what you need and GMs are extremely helpful too.

V. Credits and Thanks Exclamation

Well this is a list of people that inspired me to make this guide.

-All newbies that play Bleach Ketzuken including yours truly xD.
-The people that needed help of course.
-I would also give thanks to the Owner and GMs of the game Surprised gj!

Written By: Shocked Misaki

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Walkthrough/FAQ Empty Re: Walkthrough/FAQ

Post by Kaisuke (MitC) on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:34 pm

Wow, such a great guide.
Gonna make it a sticky.
Kaisuke (MitC)
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