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Post by AtomicDoom on Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:41 am

Name: AtomicDoom

Key: AtomicDoom
Number of Days Played: 2 days

Reason for Applying: I see some potentional in this game, I want to help it to reach the top of byond. Smile
I like the game because of it's non rip icons for releases, shikais, bankais, as well as the new hollow training system. I would host tournaments without prize ( just for fun ) outside of hospital, some players requested it, and I would really like it as well as coding in the tourny system and unique prizes.

Why You're Suited for the Position: Tons of gm's on some games don't reply to you when you use "gm help" verb and they are not afk, why did they even get the position then ( not on this game ) ? I always help people, I am online from early morning ( to help newbies Cool ) and stay for a long time, quite active.I always complete a task I'm given. I have some experience from ( Elite Moderator ) so it will help me as well. I know all the rules and I respect them. I will try to bring a lot people to this game and introduce it to all of my friends. Maybe you will get 10+ new players Very Happy



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Post by Kaisuke (MitC) on Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:05 pm

Kaisuke (MitC)
Kaisuke (MitC)

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