A few fair Suggestions for the Game.

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A few fair Suggestions for the Game.

Post by DannehH on Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:50 am

My list of Suggestions.

I have many suggestions that may/will make the game more balanced and more enjoyable. The first suggestions will include about some of my concerns with the shikai/bankai releases of some zanpuktous.


1. Zanpuktou/Ressurection suggestions.
2. Race suggestions
3. Npc suggestions.

1. Zanpuktou/Ressurection suggestions

- All of the zanpuktous that ive had/others have had always include a Strength boost, and the occaisonal Defence boost. My concern is that for those zanpuktous that need reiryoukou boosts arent getting any extra "Ompf!" in that particular stat.

- Byakuyas petals rely on Reiryokou, whereas the boost it receives is a strength boost - putting the player at a big disadvantage at both PvP and training. However i can understand the ability in bankai mode for Area of Massacre(?), strength is needed as petals change into a small arena. Though those who use byakuya will not use this much and will mostly use "Petals". Perhaps a boost of 2x reiryoukou in shikai mode and a boost of further 2x boost in reiryokou and 2.5x strength boost would be appropriate.

- Tousens main attack in shikai and bankai is Benihikiou(?), whcih fires a 1 tiled attack. this attack i have found relies on Reriyoukou, but in both shikai and bankai, the player receives a Strength boost.

- I have read in a different post of Gins bankai. I would like to ask if you could add in the real effect. Poison. WHilst in bankai my suggstion would be that attack is faster, and also the sword will extedn longer. The extreme ability that could make PvP very interesting, yet very fun woudl be to add in an effect of a chance of the opponent being poisoned whcih takes off aroudn 5% of their health every 10 seconds- "to win or die".

the effect of poison will be removed when bankai is taken off or the user/opponent is dead. Thanks to "Halkal"/Ieunan for Further improvement of this idea.

- Ichigo Kurosaki's Zangetsu boost. I honestly think, please god that the boost of this particulary zanpuktous boost to be lowered. its far too overpowered in PvP. If the boost cannot be lowered, i would like to ask if the movement speed could be a tad slower ( Still faster than shunpo/sonido though! Smile )

- Ikkakus bankai. In all honesty, this zanpuktou is one of my most favourite out of the series. The shikai is fine. However the bankai makes it too vulnerable. maybe a small defence boost would make it a little more PvP useable.

- Komamura(?)'s bankai(the fox guy). I ask that this zanpuktous bankai cannot use shunpo. its boost and attack verb makes it rather too Overpowered. Shunpou makes it unfair for those who are using Zaraki and Ikkaku's zanpuktous sinc they cannot use shunpo during bankai.

- Hitsugayas bankai to be more pvPable. I would liek to suggest that some fo hitsugayas devastating attacks to be added, it woudl really make it more fun and interesting!

- Barragans ressurection. THis ressurection is powerful, but its not that great durign PvP. My suggestion is respire being a 2 tiled attack, and also a 360-degrees 5 tiled gas cloud(that will depend on reriyokou) around the user which wil harm the opponent if another player is inside its field (like byakuyas petals). and also to gain a big fat axe for attack. Twisted Evil

- Ulquiorras Ressurection. Ulquiorras ressurection is a fine one, indeed, but it could be more Pvp-able if a bigger reiryoukou boost was given and a less Strength boost. as this ressurection is a "ranged fighter".

- Some zanpuktous are not masterable. this includes Shinji Hirakous, Aizens and ichigos.
2. race suggestions

- Vaizards. Vaizards are to overpowered due to Shikaia boost, bankai boost, and a further 2x strength and defence making it was to overpowered. My suggestion for this is that the makss are "breakable". This emans, if a player is hit with a mask on, the time of the mask lasting is deducted in battle and therefore it will come off quicker than expected. about 5~10 seconds deducted?

- Bountous need to be given more moves + better boosts and also need to be made more fair to be used for PvP.

- I do not think weaponist Human should exist. Or if so i suggest that a boost is given for each weapon held.

- Shinigami spells. Personally all kidou spells excluding Black coffin and the one which slows an opponent down are too weak compared to arrancars/espadas cero attacks. From my xperience my byakurai only hits around 50,000 health to players which have over 1million health themselves. My character has atleast 190k stats base, making this unfair.

NPC suggestions

- Adjuca, Vasto lorde and Privaron espadas(those that used to be in the top 10) could be added.

- if the above idea could be added, i ask/suggest that the stats change of each npc will give out different amounts, and also some of the npcs are stronger to keep the areas clean of afk trainers & spamming of the Espada room near Aizen.

- Please!, and i mean Please make espadas and numero arrancars much stronger, and also espadas give more stats than numeros. they give the same amount.

Thank you if you found the time to just "skimmy" through this or read the whole entire post. Please take your time to also comment on my ideas and keep critisim to constructive means.

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Re: A few fair Suggestions for the Game.

Post by Alastor_Nazura on Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:26 pm

Honestly...this idea sounds awesome.

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