Nodoka's Game Moderator Application.

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Nodoka's Game Moderator Application. Empty Nodoka's Game Moderator Application.

Post by DannehH on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:03 pm

Name: Nodoka

Key: Howdehd

Number of Days Played: Four Days.

Reason for Applying: MY reason for applying to become part of your staff, is because I have noticed this game has become swiftly popular, and therefore there are numerous new players joining. During my time i have helped people who have asked such questions as of where to go and what to do to, such as becomming a certain race or how to obtain certain skills. I want to make sure that the game is in a stable condition and People are enjoying game play and are having a nice experience during game play.

Why You're Suited for the Position: During my time on this game, even though it has been a rather short time, i have gained a big understanding of the game. With this skill i have been able to quickly answer questions and show people where to go swiftly. There are only a few minor questions that i may not be able to answer, but the majority of questions asked i am generally able to help in any way possible. I am also suited because i am generally active - atleast 8 hours a day.


Email: (I use this Email for both MSN & Emailing.)

Game(s) GMed Before:

- Naruto Ninja Arts

Naruto Ninja Arts was my first game gaining a little "GM experience". I did minor iconning work for both turfs and player icons. I eventually got promoted to "level 2 GM", reason being i understood the games rules and played fair durign game play, and i helped people with any questiosn they had. I Also got moved to Co-Owner of the game (which i am not anymore since i retired playing the game) for reasons being i was an extremely trust worthy person and i did not use my powers for unbalancing gameplay. The time playing this game was a Full year.

- Naruto: Path of Reincarnation

I was a minior staff member on this game, being a "Chuunin Hoster", for which i had the responsibility for hosting exams for people to gain new ranks fairly and keep the flow of ranks continuing. I was eventually "upgraded" to a temporary game Admin because of my knowledge of the game itself, again and treating unneccesary behaviour respectfully in a calm manner. I was on-and-off this game for 6 months.

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Nodoka's Game Moderator Application. Empty Approved.

Post by Kaisuke (MitC) on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:40 pm

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