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Wellan's gm application Empty Wellan's gm application

Post by Wellan on Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:02 am

Number of Days Played:4
Reason for Applying:I am applying because first of all I like the game. It has a great potential and I really like the community and appreciate most of people. I would like to help others and new players to stay in this game to make it funnier because more we are funnier it is right Very Happy?

Why You're Suited for the Position: I'm not different than others but I think I am suited for this position because I like helping, it is a part of me . Why I like helping? it is because I dislike when everyone ignore someone's question.I think I am suited too because I know the game enough that's why I waited before applying, I was trying to know more things about the game to be able to be more helpful.I am on often, I can be on almost everyday during more than 2 hours and I'm not the kind of person to abuse of my power .
Game(s) GMed Before:I've been gm on alot of games, I was Enforcer on bleach dirge of chaos, Admin on Bleach Never Ending War or Bleach Soul Society rival (not sure but it is one of them xD)

I gmed too on Final Impact online, you can see my name in the special thanks ^^

I guess that's all and I won't stop helping others ^^

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Wellan's gm application Empty Denied.

Post by Kaisuke (MitC) on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:00 pm

Kaisuke (MitC)
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