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Filtering System

Post by Black Licorice on Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:18 am

I know this would become a nuisance for some who can't stop cussing. (Such as myself)
But I believe a filter or an automute system would help clean up the game's community.

Perhaps a if more than two complete words are fully capitalized in a legitimate sentence, it would trigger an automute.

And if a cuss-word is uttered by the fingertips of a dissenter, it'd block it. (I'd have to retype so many sentences.)

Doing an automute system would risk people getting bugged by getting muted then banned, becoming permanently muted. Or if they get disconnected, the same problem would arrise.

Only way I could think of overcoming that, a server-wide unmute every hour, on the hour.

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